50 MOSQUE MAN FALL TOUR 2015: 2. Kansas City Muslims 10/8-10/10


I'll be making 50 presentations of my historic journey beginning in the US this fall. Read about my visit with the Kansas Muslim Community, the second stop on the 50 Mosque Man Tour - 50MM. During my trip, I engaged the media, made a Friday sermon, hung out with the youth, went on a scavenger hunt and gained pearls of wisdom from pioneers in the region. I'll be posting after every visit. Many thanks to my national & international sponsors: PenwakGuidance ResidentialGreed for Ilm and Ilm Feed. Equal thanks to all of the local sponsors who helped bring this presentation to KC. Follow me on all social media platforms: TheMuaddhin and check out all of the pics from my visit on my official facebook page and website: www.jameelsyed.com 


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50 MOSQUE MAN FALL TOUR 2015: 1. Denver, Colorado

SEPTEMBER 17th - 19th, 2015


I visited Masjid Al-Noor in Denver, Colorado Tuesday, April 21 of this year, 2015. I called the Adhan for Asr prayer. Imam ShemsAdeen Ben-Masaud, a young student of knowledge, newly returned from Jordan would be my host for the occasion. It was a very brief touch and go event as we needed to be in Cheyenne, Wyoming by the evening.

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